Illuminant Estimation with Projections on Planckian Locus

PPL parameters

How to use this demo

This demo aims at demonstrating the abilities of the PPL (projections on planckian locus) algorithm. It allows you to upload an image, set a white reference from a white chart in the picture, remove this white chart, and finally run several algorithms and compare how well they estimate the illuminant.

All the algorithms rely linear images, which means that we remove the gamma correction before computing the estimation. Therefore, the errors are as well are computed on linear images.


Plots guideline


The option field set allows you to choose in which diagram the chromaticities are displayed. as well as the rendering illuminant.


To prevent browser crashes and reduce the time required, the allowed image size has been restricted to stay in the range 1200x1200. Note that this demo tested was only Chrome and Firefox web browsers, and might not work with the others.

The code and parameters used to compute grey-world, grey-edge, shades-of-grey and white-patch results results from an adaptation of a matlab code by Joost Van-de-Weijer that can be found on his webpage.